Legend: BTD – Born Today OTD – On This Day

BTD Jun29,1901 Nelson Eddy#BTD Jun29,1901 #NelsonEddy RIP singer, actor over 19 musical films, radio, TV & nightclubs. Eddy suffered a a cerebral hemorrhage at Sans Souci Hotel Miami Beach while singing "Dardanella" with Gale Sherwood & accompanist Ted Paxson. He died later on Mar6,1967 at the age of 65
BTD Jun29,1910 Frank Loesser#BTD Jun29,1910 #FrankLoesser RIP songwriter, lyricist of over 700 songs. Wrote the music and lyrics for the many Broadway musicals such as "Guys and Dolls" Loesser won the 1949 Academy Award for Best Music, Original Song with "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
BTD Jun29,1919 Slim Pickens#BTD Jun29,1919 #SlimPickens (Louis Lindley Jr) RIP rodeo performer, film and TV actor. Many Westerns, but best known for two comedies playing Taggart in "Blazing Saddles" 1974 and 1964 B-52 pilot Major T. J. "King" Kong in "Dr. Strangelove"
BTD Jun29,1944 Gary Busey#BTD Jun29,1944 #GaryBusey actor film, TV in over 150 films such as 1987 Lethal Weapon & 1993 The Firm and including portraying Buddy Holly in 1978 "The Buddy Holly Story" & on the TV reality show The #Apprentice #HBday @THEGaryBusey
BTD Jun29,1945 Little Eva#BTD Jun29,1945 #LittleEva (Eva Boyd) RIP singer 1962 US & R&B #1, UK #2 "The Loco-Motion", +3 US, 2 R&B and 4 UK Top40 singles. As a teenager, she worked as a maid & earned extra money as a babysitter for songwriters Carole King & Gerry Goffin
BTD Jun29,1948 Derv Gordon#BTD Jun29,1948 #DervGordon singer The #Equals 1968 UK #1 & US #32 "Baby Come Back", + 5 UK Top40 singles; his twin brother is Lincoln Gordon bassist
BTD Jun29,1948Lincoln Gordon#BTD Jun29,1948 #LincolnGordon bassist The #Equals 1968 UK #1 & US #32 "Baby Come Back", + 5 UK Top40 singles; his twin brother is Derv Gordon singer
BTD Jun29,1948 Fred Grandy#BTD Jun29,1948 #FredGrandy (Fredrick Lawrence Grandy) actor such as 1973–74 Maude as Chris, 1976–77 Monster Squad as Walter, 1977–86 The Love Boat as Gopher Smith,2014–17 The Mindy Project as Dr. William Ledreau & a US congressman for 8 yrs representative from the state of Iowa
BTD Jun29,1948 Ian Paice#BTD Jun29,1948 #IanPaice drummer #DeepPurple 1968 US #4 "Hush", 1970 UK #2 "Black Night", 1973 US #4 "Smoke On The Water", +4 UK & 8 US Rock Top40 singles. Only continuous member & has played on every album. 2016 in @rockhall of Fame with Deep Purple @_DeepPurple
BTD Jun29,1953 Colin Hay#BTD Jun29,1953 #ColinHay lead vocalist #MenAtWork 1981 US #1 "Who Can It Be Now?", 1981 UK and US #1 "Down Under", +3 US & 3 UK Top40 singles and the 1st Australian group with a #1 LP & a #1 single "Down Under" on Billboards simultaneously and solo career #HBday @ColinHay
BTD Jun29,1964 Stedman Pearson#BTD Jun29,1964 #StedmanPearson singer #FiveStar 1986 UK #3 "System Addict", +15 UK Top40 singles
OTD Jun29,1955 Bill Haley#OTD Jun29,1955 #BillHaley & His Comets starts an 8wk run at #1 on the US Top 25 Best Sellers In Stores chart with "(We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock" written 1952 by Max C. Freedman and Jimmy De Knight (James E. Myers). Original title We're Gonna Rock Around the Clock Tonight!
OTD Jun29,1955 Frank Sinatra#OTD Jun29,1955 #FrankSinatra with Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra are at #1 on the US Top 20 Most Played by Jockeys Singles chart with "Learnin' The Blues" written by Dolores "Vicki" Silvers
OTD Jun29,1957 Buddy Holly & The Crickets#OTD Jun29,1957 #BuddyHolly & The Crickets record the single "Peggy Sue" written by Jerry Allison and Norman Petty. Originally "Cindy Lou" after Holly's niece, daughter of Pat Holley Kaiter. Later changed to Peggy Sue Gerron, girlfriend (later wife) of Jerry Allison drummer
OTD Jun29,1957 Pat Boone#OTD Jun29,1957 #PatBoone is still at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with the "Love Letters In The Sand" for the last week of a 5wk run at #1 @Pat_Boone
OTD Jun29,1959 Dick Clark#OTD Jun29,1959 #DickClark announces that he will be teaming up with Irvin Feld to stage a series of Dick Clark Caravans a road show featuring popular stars & musical groups such as Chubby Checker, Duane Eddy, Bobby Darin, Fabian, Annette Funicello, Bo Diddley
OTD Jun29,1961 Del Shannon#OTD Jun29,1961 #DelShannon starts a 3wk run at #1 on the UK singles chart with "Runaway" written by Del Shannon and keyboardist Max Crook. Shannon's only UK #1 but 1st of 14 UK Top40 hits. The Del Shannon song was a US #1 for 4wks on Apr30
OTD Jun29,1962 Beatles#OTD Jun29,1962 The #Beatles perform at the Tower Ballroom New Brighton, Wallasey "Operation Big Beat III" Billed as Merseysides "TOP TEN" Groups performing in a fabulous cavalcade of ROCK N' Twist. A new dance craze "The Trance"
OTD Jun29,1963 Del Shannon#OTD Jun29,1963 #DelShannon appears on the US charts at #96 with "From Me to You" written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The 1st US charting for a Lennon-McCartney composition. Ella Fitzgerald is the 1st cover artist in the Top40 on May7,1964 with "Can't Buy Me Love"
OTD Jun29,1963 Kyu Sakamoto#OTD Jun29,1963 #KyuSakamoto is still at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Sukiyaki" for the last week of a 3wk run at #1
OTD Jun29,1964Beatles#OTD Jun29,1964 While touring Australia The #Beatles land at Brisbane Airport. Over 8,000 fans greet the group
OTD Jun29,1965 Beatles#OTD Jun29,1965 The #Beatles on a two-week European tour, fly from Rome, Italy to Nice, France
OTD Jun29,1967 Rolling Stones#OTD Jun29,1967 The #RollingStones Keith Richards & Mick Jagger are found guilty, Mick gets 3months for possession of 4 amphetamine pills & Keith 1yr for allowing cannabis on his property. Both are released next day on bail pending appeal @RollingStones @MickJagger @officialKeef
OTD Jun29,1968 Herb Alpert#OTD Jun29,1968 #HerbAlpert is still at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "This Guy's in Love With You" for the 2nd week of a 4wk run at #1 @HerbAlpert
OTD Jun29,1968 Pink Floyd#OTD Jun29,1968 #PinkFloyd releases their 2nd LP "A Saucerful Of Secrets" in the UK on EMI Columbia records. This is the last LP with Syd Barrett, all 5 Pink Floyd members contribute to the album; Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright @pinkfloyd
OTD Jun29,1968London's Hyde Park Concert#OTD Jun29,1968 Free concert in London's Hyde Park with Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Tyrannosaurus Rex (1969 Marc Bolan shortened name to T. Rex), Roy Harper. The 1st free festival
OTD Jun29,1969 Shorty Long#OTD Jun29,1969 #ShortyLong (Frederick Earl Long) soul singer dies at the age of 28 with his friend Oscar Williams when their boat capsized on Detroit River. Shorty had the 1968 US #8 single "Here Comes The Judge"
OTD Jun29,1969Royal Albert Hall#OTD Jun29,1969 Roy Lewis & Vic Lewis present "Pop Proms" at London's #RoyalAlbert Hall with Led Zeppelin, The Liverpool Scene, Mick Abraham, Blodwyn Pig @RoyalAlbertHall
OTD Jun29,1969 Jimi Hendrix#OTD Jun29,1969 The #JimiHendrix Experience plays their last concert on the last day of the Denver Pop Festival. Hendrix will die on Sep18,1970 at the age of 27
OTD Jun29,1970Liza Minnelli#OTD Jun29,1970 The NBC network airs the #LizaMinnelli Special. A musical salute to show business, Broadway, vaudeville, film
OTD Jun29,1974 Gordon Lightfoot#OTD Jun29,1974 #GordonLightfoot is at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Sundown" written by Gordon Lightfoot. Lightfoot's only single to reach #1 on the Hot100 @Lightfoot365
OTD Jun29,1975 10CC#OTD Jun29,1975 #10CC is still at #1 on the UK Singles Chart with "I'm Not In Love" for the 2nd week of a 2wk run at #1
OTD Jun29,1978 Peter Frampton#OTD Jun29,1978 #PeterFrampton broke his arm & cracked ribs when he was involved in a car crash in the Bahamas. After a lengthy recovery, Frampton resumes his career and releases his 6th studio album "Where I Should Be" May30,1979 @peterframpton
OTD Jun29,1980 Don McLean#OTD Jun29,1980 #DonMcLean is still at #1 on the UK singles Chart with "Crying" for the last week of a 3wk run at #1 @donmclean
OTD Jun29,1984Pete Rose#OTD Jun29,1984 The Montreal Expos #PeteRose plays in a record 3,309th game, surpassing Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox @RedSox. By the way Pete Rose should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame @baseballhall @MLB @PeteRose_14
OTD Jun29,1985 Bryan Adams#OTD Jun29,1985 #BryanAdams is still at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Heaven"for the last week of a 2wk run at #1 @bryanadams
1960sAmen1960s The #Amen a local band out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; The #Soo @CitySSM