Legend:  BTD – Born Today     OTD – On This Day

BTD Dec7,1904 Clarence Nash#BTD Dec7,1904 #ClarenceNash RIP voice actor. Voice of the @Disney character #DonaldDuck for 50 years he was in over 120 shorts & films
BTD Dec7,1915 Eli Wallach#BTD Dec7,1915 #EliWallach RIP actor TV & film, debut film as Silva Vacarro in Elia Kazan's 1956 "Baby Doll" won the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) as Most Promising Newcomer. Many movie credits such as 1960 The Magnificent Seven, 1966 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
BTD Dec7,1923 Ted Knight#BTD Dec7,1923 #TedKnight (Tadeusz Konopka) RIP actor TV & film, probably best known as Ted Baxter in the TV series "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and film credits such as Judge Elihu Smails in 1980 "Caddyshack" 1975 Knight recorded an album of mostly novelty songs called "Hi Guys"
BTD Dec7,1942 Harry Chapin#BTD Dec7,1942 #HarryChapin RIP singer, songwriter 1974 US #1 "Cat's In The Cradle", +3 Top40 singles. Recorded a total of 11 albums from 1972 until his death in 1981 including one of the best live albums "Greatest Stories Live" one of my favorites
BTD Dec7,1949 Tom Waits#BTD Dec7,1949 #TomWaits singer, songwriter, actor, released 16 studio, 3 live, 7 compilation albums; 24 singles and 2 soundtracks. Waits has a working relationship with #FrancisFordCoppola & provided music for the musical film "One from the Heart" #HBday @tomwaits
BTD Dec7,1954 Mike Nolan#BTD Dec7,1954 #MikeNolan singer, original member of #BucksFizz 1981 UK #1s "Making Your Mind Up" & "The Land of Make Believe", 1982 UK #1 "My Camera Never Lies", +12 Top40 singles #HBday @mikenolanfizz
BTD Dec7,1955 Priscilla Barnes#BTD Dec7,1955 #PriscillaBarnes actress, played Terri Alden on the TV series "Threes Company" from 1981-1984 Barnes said the three worst years of her life & TV roles such as Starsky & Hutch, Kojak, The Rockford Files. James Bond film 1989 "Licence to Kill" as Della Churchill
OTD Dec7,1941 Pearl Harbor#OTD Dec7,1941 At 7:55 am Japanese warplanes attack the US Pacific fleet at their base, #PearlHarbor in Oahu, Hawaii. They hit 19 ships (8 were battleships) sinking or severely damaging them & 188 aircraft killing 2,280, wounding 1,109 from the military & killing 68 civilians
OTD Dec7,1955 Ernie Ford#OTD Dec7,1955 Tennessee #ErnieFord still at #1 on the US singles chart with "Sixteen Tons" for the 3rd week of a 6wk run at #1
OTD Dec7,1957 Sam Cooke#OTD Dec7,1957 #SamCooke starts a 2wk run at #1 on the US Top40 Singles chart with "You Send Me" written by Sam Cooke but mistakenly credited to L. C. Cook. The song is Cooke's debut single and became a massive commercial success
OTD Dec7,1958Teddy Bears#OTD Dec7,1958 The #TeddyBears start a 3wk run at #1 on US Top40 Singles chart with "To Know Him is to Love Him" written by #PhilSpector and inspired by words on his dad Ben's tombstone To Know Him Was To Love Him
OTD Dec7,1963Beatles#OTD Dec7,1963 The #Beatles album "With The Beatles" starts a 21wk run at #1 on the UK LP charts. The LP replaces The Beatles own album "Please Please Me" at #1 that stayed for 30wks
OTD Dec7,1963Singing Nun#OTD Dec7,1963 The #SingingNun or Sœur Sourire (Jeanne Deckers) starts a 4wk run at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Dominique" written by Deckers. The single won a #GRAMMYs for best Gospel song
OTD Dec7,1964Jerry Lee Lewis#OTD Dec7,1964 On his 5th tour of the UK #JerryLeeLewis with The #Yardbirds, Twinkle & The Quite Five at The Town Hall Birmingham @jerryleelewis
OTD Dec7,1967 Otis Redding#OTD Dec7,1967 #OtisRedding records "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" written by Otis Redding and guitarist #SteveCropper. In 3 days he would die in plane crash. The single would reach #1 on Mar26,1968
OTD Dec7,1967Beatles#OTD Dec7,1967 The #Beatles #Apple boutique at 94 Baker Street, London, opens its doors. The store would close 7 months later, unsold goods would be given away
OTD Dec7,1968 Diana Ross#OTD Dec7,1968 #DianaRoss & The #Supremes are still at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Love Child" for the last week of a 2wk run at #1
OTD Dec7,1969Frosty The Snowman#OTD Dec7,1969 The animated #Christmas special "Frosty The Snowman" airs for the 1st time on the @CBS network. Featuring the voices of #JimmyDurante as the narrator, comedian #JackieVernon as Frosty and character actor #BillyDeWolfe as Professor Hinkle
OTD Dec7,1971Paul McCartney#OTD Dec7,1971 "Wild Life" the debut album by #PaulMcCartney and #Wings is released in the US & the UK. @PaulMcCartney's 3rd studio LP since the breakup of the #Beatles
OTD Dec7,1973 Paul McCartney#OTD Dec7,1973 #PaulMcCartney and #Wings release the album "Band On The Run" in the UK (released in the US on Dec5). @PaulMcCartney's 5th LP since he left The #Beatles & became the top-selling studio album of 1974 in the UK
OTD Dec7,1974 Carl Douglas#OTD Dec7,1974 #CarlDouglas starts a 2wk run at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Kung Fu Fighting" written by Douglas and produced by #BidduAppaiah. The single was recorded in 10minutes and eventually went on to sell over 11 million records worldwide
OTD Dec7,1975Black Sabbath#OTD Dec7,1975 #BlackSabbath play at Greensboro Colosseum NC billed as The Masters of Hard Rock. Opening act #RubyStarr and the Grey Ghost @BlackSabbath
OTD Dec7,1977 Peter Carl Goldmark#OTD Dec7,1977 #PeterCarlGoldmark RIP dies at the age of 71, killed in a car crash. He invented the long-play microgroove 33-1/3 record in 1945 with @ColumbiaRecords
OTD Dec7,1985 Mr Mister#OTD Dec7,1985 #MrMister starts a 2wk run at #1 on the @billboard Hot100 Single Chart with "Broken Wings" written by #RichardPage, #SteveGeorge, #JohnLang
OTD Dec7,1986 Europe#OTD Dec7,1986 #Europe still at #1 on UK singles chart with 'The Final Countdown' for the 2nd and last week at #1. The single reached #1 in 25 countries.
OTD Dec7,2016 Greg Lake#OTD Dec7,2016 #GregLake RIP dies in London at the age of 69, after suffering from cancer. Bass guitarist with #EmersonLakePalmer #ELP