Legend:  BTD – Born Today     OTD – On This Day

BTD Jul11,1892Thomas Mitchell#BTD Jul11,1892 #ThomasMitchell RIP actor film/TV/stage films such as 1923 Six Cylinder Love, 1939 Gone with the Wind, 1939 Stagecoach won Oscar as Doc Boone, 1946 It's a Wonderful Life as Uncle Billy, TV 1954-1955 Mayor of the Town, 1957 The O. Henry Playhouse, 1959 Glencannon
BTD Jul11,1920Yul Brynner#BTD Jul11,1920 #YulBrynner (Yuliy Borisovich Briner) RIP actor. Many movies such as 1949 Port of New York, 1956 The King and I & The Ten Commandments, 1960 The Magnificent Seven, 1969 The Magic Christian, 1973 Westworld, 1976 Futureworld; TV 1972 Anna and the King
BTD Jul11,1931Tab Hunter#BTD Jul11,1931 #TabHunter (Arthur Gelien) RIP actor, singer, film producer, author 1957 US & UK #1 "Young Love", 1957 US #11 & UK #5 "Ninety-Nine Ways", US #31 "(I'll Be with You) In Apple Blossom Time" Over 70 film and TV credits, his 1st 1950 as Frank O'Brien in The Lawless
BTD Jul11,1933Bob McGrath#BTD Jul11,1933 #BobMcGrath (Robert Emmett McGrath) singer, actor, 1959–1964 Sing Along with Mitch as a singer, 1969–present Sesame Street the original human character Bob Johnson
BTD Jul11,1947John Holt#BTD Jul11,1947 #JohnHolt RIP reggae singer, songwriter, a member of #Paragons. Wrote the song "The Tide Is High" made famous by Blondie. Holt died Oct19,2014 from colon cancer
BTD Jul11,1949Jay Johnson#BTD Jul11,1949 #JayJohnson actor, ventriloquist in TV such as 1977-1981 "Soap" as Chuck Campbell and Bob (Chuck's dummy and alter ego), 1990 Broken Badges as Stanley Jones and appearances in The Love Boat, Gimme a Break!, Simon & Simon, The Facts of Life and Empty Nest
BTD Jul11,1949Jeff Hanna#BTD Jul11,1949 #JeffHanna singer, songwriter, founder & longest member Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 1970 US #9 Mr Bojangles" US Country #1s 1984 Long Hard Road (The Sharecropper's Dream), 1985 Modern Day Romance, 1987 Fishin' in the Dark", +16 US Country and 2 US Top40s
BTD Jul11,1951Bonnie Pointer#BTD Jul11,1951 #BonniePointer (Patricia Eva Pointer) RIP R&B, Soul singer. Member of The Grammy Award group The #PointerSisters from 1973 and 1977; 1974 US #13 Fairytale. Solo hits such as R&B #9 Heaven Must Have Sent You. Pointer died Jun8,2020 at the age of 69
BTD Jul11,1954Benny DeFranco#BTD Jul11,1954 #BennyDeFranco guitarist with the Canadian group The #DeFranco Family 1973 US #3 single Heartbeat-It's A Lovebeat and the US biggest selling single of 1973 US #32 Abra-ca-dabra, +1974 US #18 Save the Last Dance for Me
BTD Jul11,1957Peter Murphy#BTD Jul11,1957 #PeterMurphy singer #Bauhaus 1982 UK #5 Ziggy Stardust, 1983 UK #26 She's in Parties. Solo artist 1990 US Modern Rock #1 & #10 US Mainstream Rock Cuts You Up, +4 US Mainstream Rock Top40s #HBday @petermurphyinfo
BTD Jul11,1959Richie Sambora#BTD Jul11,1959 #RichieSambora singer, songwriter, lead guitarist #BonJovi 4 US #1s 1986 You Give Love a Bad Name & Livin' On A Prayer, 1988 Bad Medicine, 1989 I'll Be There for You, +6 US #1 LPs. 2018 inducted in @rockhall of Fame with Bon Jovi @BonJovi #HBday @TheRealSambora
BTD Jul11,1966Melanie Appleby#BTD Jul11,1966 #MelanieAppleby RIP singer, songwriter part of Mel and Kim 1987 UK #1 "Respectable" Appleby died from cancer Jan18,1990 at the age of 23
OTD Jul11,1918EnricoCaruso#OTD Jul11,1918 #EnricoCaruso records in Camden, New Jersey the song "Over There" written by George M Cohan
OTD Jul11,1941Sammy Kaye#OTD Jul11,1941 #SammyKaye and his orchestra is back at #1, this time for a 7wk run on the US Top40 Singles chart with "Daddy" Vocal refrain by The Kaye Choir. The 1st time at #1 was on Jun21 for 1wk
OTD Jul11,1946Dean Martin#OTD Jul11,1946 #DeanMartin records his 1st 4 songs at Diamond Records; Which Way Did My Heat Go?, All Of Me, I Got The Sun in the Morning & The Sweetheart of Sigman Chi. Eventually Martin would record over 100 albums & 600 singles, have 28 Top40s with 2 #1s. My favorite singer
OTD Jul11,1946Dean Martin#OTD Jul11,1946 #DeanMartin records his 1st song "Which Way Did My Heart Go" written by Gene Carroll, Irvin Rose and Sid Wayne; with Nat Brandwynne and his Orchestra for Diamond Records
OTD Jul11,1952Vera Lynn#OTD Jul11,1952 #VeraLynn starts a 9wk run at #1 on the US Top40 Singles chart with "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" written by German Eberhard Storch with English lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons. Lynn with the Soldiers and Airmen of Her Majesty's Forces Accompaniment
OTD Jul11,1959Gogi Grant#OTD Jul11,1959 #GogiGrant is still at #1 on the US Top40 Singles chart with "The Wayward Wind" for the 5th week of a 6wk run at #1
OTD Jul11,1960Hollywood Argyles#OTD Jul11,1960 The #HollywoodArgyles are at #1 on the billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Alley-Oop" written by Dallas Frazier in 1957, inspired by V T Hamlin's (Vincent Trout Hamlin) comic strip Alley-Oop
OTD Jul11,1962Rolling Stones#OTD Jul11,1962 Tomorrow Jul12 The #RollingStones debut at the Marquee Jazz Club. Mick Jagger "I hope they don't think we're a rock 'n' roll outfit" Stones: Jagger vocals; Brian Jones & Keith Richards guitar; Dick Taylor bass; Ian Stewart piano; Mike Avery drums @RollingStones
OTD Jul11,1964George Harrison#OTD Jul11,1964 #GeorgeHarrison photographed by “Beatles Book” photographer Leslie Bryce showing his new Jaguar @Jaguar
OTD Jul11,1964Beach Boys#OTD Jul11,1964 The #BeachBoys are still at #1 on the billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "I Get Around" The Beach Boys last week of a 2wk run at #1 @TheBeachBoys
OTD Jul11,1964Beatles#OTD Jul11,1964 The #Beatles make a live appearance on the summer version of Thank Your Lucky Stars called Summer Spin filmed at Teddington Studio Centre in Middlesex. To avoid the crowd they travel to ABC TV's Teddington Studios by boat on the Thames
OTD Jul11,1965Beatles#OTD Jul11,1965 The #Beatles are at #1 on the US album charts with "Beatles VI" the 7th album released on the Capitol Records label in stereo and mono. 9th released album overall in 18 months. With one on Vee-Jay Records and one on United Artists Records @CapitolRecords
OTD Jul11,1968Beatles#OTD Jul11,1968 The #Beatles are recording the single "Revolution" with overdubbing by session musician Nicky Hopkins who adds electric piano to track four on the tape. The electric piano overdub took up the whole of the 4pm to 7pm session
OTD Jul11,1969David Bowie#OTD Jul11,1969 #DavidBowie releases, in UK for the 1st time, the single "Space Oddity" written by David Bowie. A 7-inch singles release is to coincide with Apollo 11 moon landing. The Apollo 11 mission will be launched in 5 days
OTD Jul11,1969Beatles#OTD Jul11,1969 The #Beatles recording overdubs for "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" written by Paul McCartney and "You Never Give Me Your Money" written by Paul McCartney both songs credited to the Lennon–McCartney songwriting team
OTD Jul11,1970Three Dog Night#OTD Jul11,1970 #ThreeDogNight starts a 2wk run at #1 on the billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" written by Randy Newman. The 1st #1 song on the premiere broadcast of American Top40 radio show by Casey Kasem Jul4,1970 @threedognight
OTD Jul11,1971Humble Pie, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Frampton#OTD Jul11,1971 #BruceSpringsteen Band opens for Humble Pie at Sunshine In, Asbury Park. Peter Frampton wants Springsteen's Band for a national tour. Frampton will set up an audition with A&M Records. Springsteen's manager Tinker West declines both @springsteen @peterframpton
OTD Jul11,1977Vortex Club#OTD Jul11,1977 Opening night at The #Vortex Club, on Wardour Street, London. A new punk rock venue with Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Slits, The Ants (later Adam and the Ants) and DJ Nice Lee
OTD Jul11,1981Kim Carnes#OTD Jul11,1981 #KimCarnes is still at #1 on the billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Bette Davis Eyes" for the 3rd week of the present 4wk run at #1. Carnes had a 5wk run starting on May16. Eventually sitting at #1 for a total of 9wks
OTD Jul11,1987Heart#OTD Jul11,1987 #Heart starts a 3wk run at #1 on the billboard Hot100 Singles Chart with "Alone" written by by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly @officialheart
OTD Jul11,2011Rob Grill#OTD Jul11,2011 #RobGrill RIP dies at the age of 63, lead singer, songwriter, bass guitarist Grass Roots 1968 US #5 Midnight Confessions, +13 other US Top40 singles. The Grass Roots were a regular act on American Bandstand
OTD Jul11,2014Tommy Ramone#OTD Jul11,2014 #TommyRamone (Tamás Erdélyi) RIP dies at the age of 62; producer, musician, songwriter, drummer during the 1st four years of The #Ramones existence. The last living original member of the Ramones @RamonesOfficial